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File:Extended Megaman Sheet.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Bicycle Theme
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Celadon CityFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Cerulean CityFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Cinnabar Island
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Final Rival BattleFile:Pokemon Blue Red - GymFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Gym Leader Battle!
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Lavender TownFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Mt. MoonFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Pallet Town
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Pewter CityFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Pokemon CenterFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Pokemon Lab
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Pokemon MansionFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Pokemon TowerFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Rival Appears!
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Route 1File:Pokemon Blue Red - Route 11File:Pokemon Blue Red - Route 24 & 25
File:Pokemon Blue Red - S.S. AnneFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Silph Co.File:Pokemon Blue Red - Surfing
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Team Rocket Game CornerFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Team Rocket HideoutFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Trainer Battle!
File:Pokemon Blue Red - Vermillion CityFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Victory RoadFile:Pokemon Blue Red - Wild Pokemon Battle
File:Pokemon R B Y - Lavender Town Music EXTENDEDFile:Pokemon Red Blue EndingFile:Pokemon Red Blue Opening
File:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Littleroot TownFile:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Professor Birch Research LabFile:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Route 101
File:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Welcome to the Pokemon WorldFile:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Wild Pokemon EncounterFile:Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald Opening

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